Mission Statement

The Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors – Manitoba mission is to promote the professional home inspection industry, protect the public using the inspection industry’s service, and to provide member inspectors with on-going and continuing educational opportunities.

CAHPI does this by:

  • Providing a Standards of Practice which defines the practice of professional home inspection and requiring all member home inspectors to comply with these Standards of Practice.
  • Providing a Code of Ethics and requiring all member home inspectors to comply with this Code of Ethics.
  • Providing an Internet website where consumers and all other interested parties can contact our association for information about home inspections and inspectors.
  • Providing a process of handling complaints and if required a means of providing discipline of members.
  • Requiring members to pass exams prior to achieving National Certificate Holder status.
  • Requiring National Certificate Holders to complete a minimum of 250 home inspections which conform with CAHPI Standards of Practice prior to receiving Registered Home Inspector status.
  • Requiring all eligible members to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance.
  • Providing regular training sessions and seminars to keep member inspectors up to date with developments in the technical and business area of the home inspection industry.
  • Supplying information, news releases and articles to all media in Manitoba.