Membership Progression

Membership Progression

Individuals joining the provincial chapter must complete the following:

If an individual has no prior home inspection experience he/she must complete the following and join as a:


  • Submit an application for membership
  • Submit a signed copy of the Code of Ethics
  • Pay annual membership dues
  • Not allowed to make reference to CAHPI or use CAHPI logo in any advertising
  • The individual remains a Candidate in good standing for a minimum of 6 months during which time he/she is encouraged to complete training courses etc. such as Carson Dunlop or other approved training courses.
  • Successfully complete the National Home Inspection Examination
  • Submit the name of their reporting system for approval to ensure it meets the CAHPI Standards of Practice, if the reporting system is not on our chapter’s approved list.
  • Submit 3 completed inspection reports for approval (of content and clarity)
  • Compete Mentor program (accompanying a full member inspector on 5 inspections as an observer, and mentor log must be signed off and fees paid to the member inspector)

Once all of the above requirements have been met successfully the Candidate can be advanced to Associate level.


The individual will remain as an Associate until the following has been met:
During the time an individual is an Associate he/she has limited use of the CAHPI logo as long as the word “Associate” is prominently displayed under the logo.

  • Completed 250 fee paid inspections conforming to the Standards of Practice and code of ethics of CAHPI
  • Submitted a list and a signed affidavit verifying the inspections have been completed
  • Provide proof of Errors and Omission¬†insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00

Once all the above requirements have been met successfully the Associate can be advanced to Registered Home Inspector (RHI) status.


As a RHI he/she must fulfill the following to remain in good standing:

  • Must continue to carry and provide proof annually of Errors and Omissions¬†insurance
  • Must accumulate and submit a set number of Membership Renewal Credits (MRC’s) annually
  • Can have full use of the CAHPI logo in company advertising and can advertise their affiliation with CAHPI
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times


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